Preset Management

[Nitrox 1.11]

Nitrox has its own preset management. The view of the current preset is part of the main window:

The name of the preset can be easily modified just by clicking into the text field right from Preset. Below a description of the preset can be given, e.g. to explain the way it works or how it can be tweaked using the so-called program parameters on the right.

The preset parameters can also be named arbitrarily. They can be used as modulation sources. Furthermore, other parameters can directly be linked to the preset parameters just as easy as linking parameters to MIDI controllers. Just click into the parameter to be linked with the Alt key pressed (the parameter changes its color to red and it reads "learn") and then tweak the desired program parameter.

With the button  the current preset can be recorded to a WAV file, which is very convenient if you intend to let other people appreciate your work with Nitrox. The recording only begins when a sound actually is produced. To finalize recording just click the button again.

The other buttons in the top right corner apply to the current preset and should be pretty self-explanatory.

With the button_prev and button_next buttons one can switch to the previous or subsequent preset within the preset bank. The Bank button opens the preset bank window, which has 32 preset slots. The current preset is denoted with the yellow button. In this window the top right buttons apply to the complete preset bank:


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