Global Parameters

[Nitrox 1.11]

There are some global parameters which do not belong to any specific component of Nitrox. Usually, these parameters are not changed very frequently. Therefore, they are swapped out to a separate window which can be opened with the button

in the toolbar of the main window. The window is divided in a part General Settings and in a part Preset Specific. General settings are not part of a preset and are stored separately. These settings are shared among all incarnations (parallel program executions) of Nitrox. The preset specific settings are stored with the current preset.


  1. Pitch
  2. Tempo
  3. Voices
  4. Detune
  5. Wheel Range
  6. Wheel Mode
  7. Tune Range
  8. Gain
  9. Hi Pass


Pitch lets you influence the tuning of Nitrox altogether in order to adjust to an external instrument. A value of 100% equals the standard pitch with A being at 440Hz. The range is from 50% to 200%.



Snchronized timing parameters like LFO pitch refer to this Tempo setting. Nitrox can either provide its own tempo which can be set in bpm (beats per minute) in the range 60bpm to 180bpm or can be synchronized to the hosts tempo by dragging the parameter control completely to the left. The parameter then reads "MIDI".



Voices dermines the amount of notes that can be played in parallel. The range is form 1 (monophonic behaviour) to 16.



Detune determines the overall detune of the three oscillators. The range is from 0% to 100% which is a detune of one semitone. With this setting it is very easy to generate fat sounds by programming all of the three oscillators identically and only detune them using this global parameter.


Wheel Range

Wheel Range determines the modulation depth of the keyboard pitch wheel. The range is 0 to 12 semitones.


Wheel Mode

Wheel Mode defines which currently played notes are affected by the pitch wheel:

  • any - any currently played note is affected
  • note on - only the notes whose key is not yet released are affected
  • last - only the last pressed key is affected

These settings are most interesting for real-time performance.


Tune Range

Tune Range sets the range for the Tune and Tune 2nd parameters of the oscillators. The range is from 1 to 24 semitones. This setting is interesting, when the frequency of the oscillators is to modulated smoothly in a wide range.



Gain is the overall gain of the Nitrox output. Range is from 25% to 400%.


Hi Pass

Nitrox has an optional high pass filter on its output which can be set with the Hi Pass parameter. This is sometimes useful for lead sounds which should not have to much low frequencies in their spectrum. In this case it is a lot easier and more efficient to use this little parameter than to implement the high pass with other inbuilt filters e.g. in the effects bank.



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