[Nitrox 1.11]

LionFormant is a stereo formant filter which produce vowel-like sounds on a spectrum-rich input (like saw or square waves). The vowels can be set individually for the two stereo channels. Furthermore, the filter can smoothly morph from one vowel to another.


  1. Vowel L/R
  2. Glide
  3. Dry/Wet

All parameters are equipped with a modulation unit. For ease of use the two Vowel parameters can be connected via a buddy button which in this case not only synchronizes the parameter but also the corresponding modulation units.

Vowel L/R

Vowel L and Vowel R lets you set the vowel to produce for each stereo channel. The vowels are:

  • A (1% .. 20%)
  • E (21% .. 40%)
  • I (41% ..60%)
  • O (61% .. 80%)
  • U (81% .. 100%)

Try to set the vowel parameters to 10% and the modulation depth to 90% (like shown in the screen shot) to achieve a rythmically changing vowel effect.



The formant filter is able to smoothly morph from one vowel to the next. Glide lets you specifiy the morph time.



Dry/Wet is a mixer between the original signal and the filtered one.



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