Effects Bank

[Nitrox 1.11]

Nitrox has an effect bank with three identical effect sections. Note, that in contrast to the oscillators and filters the effects bank is not voice specific. All active voices (concurrently played notes) are mixed before entering the effects bank.


  1. Type
  2. Window
  3. Output


Type lets you choose the effect type from the following list:



Each effect has a individual set of parameters and, therefore, each effect has an individual window separate from the Nitrox main window.

The Window parameter controls whether the effect window is automatically opened when the main window is opened.



Output lets you configure the routing within the effects bank.

Effect 1 can be routed to Effect 2, Effect 3 and the general output.

Effect 2 can be routed to Effect 3 and the general output.

Effect 3 is directly connected to the general output. The Output parameter of Effect 3 is only present for symmetry!



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