Custom Waves

[Nitrox 1.11]

In Nitrox you can create five custom waves which can be assigned to oscillators and LFOs by setting their wave parameter accordingly. The custom waves window can be opened with the following button in the main window's tool bar:


The custom waves window has also a tool bar which on the right hand side has the open, save, copy and paste buttons and on the left hand side the selector for one of the five waves:


The wave creation is based on additive synthesis with up to 11 harmonics and some additional features to enrich the sprectrum of the sound.

Note, that some of the modifications lead to very spectrum rich wave forms. Aliasing is reduced very effectively but is not circumvented completely. So be careful!


  1. Wave
  2. Saturation
  3. PWM
  4. Dry/Wet
  5. Base and Harm 1..11


Wave lets you select the base wave for the additive synthesis process. You can select from a wide variety of base wave not just the usual sine wave.



Saturation applies soft clipping to the wave form to achieve fuller sound.



PWM applies pulse width modulation to the wave form.



Dry/Wet morphes between a simple sine based additive wave form and the wave modified by the above mentioned parameters Wave, Saturation and PWM.


Base and Harm 1..11

Base and Harm 1..11 specify the weights of the base wave and the harmonics relative to each other.



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