Sonic Lion Hacked

Since this site was hacked in march 2013 I was unexpectedly forced to upgrade to a more secure CMS system. I am glad to announce that after a couple of weeks Sonic Lion is back again! I did not find the time to create a sophisticated new web design but the contents all have been restored!

Registered Users

Now more than a thousand registered users! Please give me some feedback, if you find the time.

Second update of Nitrox released!

Version 1.11 of Nitrox is available for download and is a bug fix for Nitrox 1.10 with the following improvements:

  • substantially improved filter secion, more juicy feedback on 24dB filters
  • reduced clicks on patch switch
  • improved stability when switching patches while playing
  • new feedback email button in the main windows tool bar
  • windowing bug in Synapse Orion (and maybe other hosts) fixed
  • saw and square wave generation bug in Fruity Loops host fixed
  • other minor fixes

I hope the old and new friends of Nitrox will appreciate the effort. Especially the one with the feedback email button which I hope will be used frequently!

GEARWIRE on the release of LionChorus

Read about the release of LionChorus on the GEARWIRE site. LionChorus is a chorus / flanging effect that has been extracted from the effects section of Nitrox and has been released as a separate VST plug-in on August 3rd, 2009.

LionChorus 1.00 released

After LionPhaser the second effect of Nitrox' effects bank has been extracted. LionChorus 1.00 is now available as separate VST 2.4 plugin for Windows.

LionChorus is a classic chorus and flanging effect with delay times from 1 to 50ms and up to 4 delay stages. Since there is also a fixed delay applied on the original signal, thru-zero flanging is also possible. A feedback line with high pass filter enables bizarre sound effects ready for the outer space! Like all other Sonic Lion plugins, patches can be saved to disk and copied via the clipboard between different instances thereof.

You can download the plugin here.


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