[lionChorus 1.0]

LionChorus is a classical chorus/flanging effect plug-in with up to four stages and a feedback line with high pass filter. The delay can be varied from 1 to 50ms. Special care was taken for interpolation to reduce aliasing very effectively in the variable delay lines. Since not only the modulated signals are delayed but also the original signal, a classical thru-zero flanging can also be achieved.

The parameters work just the same as in Nitrox.

LionChorus is tested with Cubase SL under Windows XP and Vista. It conforms to the VST 2.4 standard.



  1. Type
  2. Rate
  3. Depth
  4. Delay
  5. Feedback and Hi Pass
  6. Dry/Wet


Type lets you select the nature of the effect:

  • 2-Stage
  • 4-Stage
  • Flange

In 2- and 4-stage mode the modulation of the delays of the two stereo channels are shifted in phase to achieve best stereo spread. In flange mode the two delay lines are modulated synchronously.



Rate set the modulating LFO (low frequency oscillator) frequency.



Depth lets you control the modulation depth of the delays.



Delay set the average delay applied to the signal.


Feedback and Hi Pass

This chorus comprises a feedback line with high pass filter which can be controlled via the parameters Feedback and Hi Pass.



Dry/Wet mixes the (delayed) original signal with the signals of the modulated delay lines. A value of 50% percents equally weights the original signal and the modulated signals which is used for the thru-zero flanging effect.



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